About Us

Edrees Medical Prosthetic and Orthotic Center is a renowned establishment in the UAE known for its reputation in the manufacture and distribution of Prosthetics and Orthotics. Manufacturing consists of providing advanced premade and customized fabrication services and the distribution of the same to different health centers that require high quality orthotics and prosthetics component.

Prosthetics (artificial limbs) is a field of custom design, fabrication and fitting of artificial limbs typically required by those who have suffered the loss of limb or through extremities from vascular diseases, diabetes, cancer or trauma or at birth.

Orthotics is the field of custom design, fabrication and fitting of brace and support needed by people for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions resulting from illness, injury or congenital anomalies.

Medical shoes are an instrumental part of orthotics science. EME proudly boasts the expert fitting techniques to each patient with a commitment towards clinical leadership by our highly-qualified specialists. Expertise consists of individualized fittings, alignments, and gait adjustments that are customized to specific patient’s functional needs. All our personnel are trained, skilled and well experienced in the field.

We organize the regular charitable program “Free Camp” to support the poor people of the society. Through this program, the patients have the privilege to consult a well-qualified doctor free of cost. Patients can get this information from the local newspaper. On emergency basis, assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In case of emergency, call 050 210 8378 (Dubai).

Our vision is to treat our patients with compassion, understanding, and respect. We care until the patient attains his satisfaction and comfort and continually provide support for any further assistance. Our mission is to provide the patient with assuring care and support. Patient satisfaction is prime.

Our goal is to extend our services to those suffering in the gulf region and beyond as the leader in the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics. We are grateful to the doctors all over the region who to support our organization and special gratitude to the doctors who gave us their valuable concept to make this catalogue a success.