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  • AED1,800.00

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The SOMI is a rigid, 3-poster CTO that has an anterior chest plate extending to the xiphoid process, as well as metal or plastic bars that curve over the shoulder. Straps from the metal bars go over the shoulder and cross to the opposite side of the anterior plate for fixation. The 2-poster CTOs start from the chest plate and attach to the occipital component. The SOMI is ideal for bedridden patients because it has no posterior rods.

Motion Restrictions:

  • Cervical flexion and extension are limited by 70%-75%
  • Lateral bending is limited by 35%
  • Rotation is limited by 60-65%


  • Atlantoaxial instability caused by rheumatoid arthritis (Note that ligamentous disruption in rheumatoid arthritis affects flexion more than extension, because extension is held in check by the intact dens.)
  • Neural arch fractures of C2, because flexion causes instability


  • The SOMI controls extension less effectively than do other orthoses.
  • Flexion and extension control at C3-T1: better served with a Minerva

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