Experience the Future of Prosthetics With Our Advanced Microprocessor Hands

Discover the future of prosthetics today. Experience the perfect blend of technology, design, and support with our microprocessor hands.

Individually Controlled Fingers: Savor the smooth, natural flow with individually controlled digits that let you move with grace and precision.

Unmatched Features and Benefits Multi-Articulating Digits

Adaptive Gripping

Secure and Reliable: Our hands adjust grip strength on the fly to keep objects secure, so you can handle delicate items with confidence.


Effortless Operation: Master everyday tasks with ease using pre-programmed gestures for intuitive and simple control.

Gesture Control

Customizable Grip Patterns

Tailored to Your Needs: Select from various grip patterns and customize them to fit your lifestyle, all easily managed through a smartphone app.

Wireless Connectivity

Convenient Adjustments: Adjust settings, track usage, and receive updates wirelessly through your mobile device or PC, ensuring your prosthetic hand is always at its best.

Durable and Aesthetic Design

Innovative Technology

Personalized Look: Choose from a range of aesthetic covers to make your prosthesis uniquely yours.

Cutting-Edge AI: Advanced AI algorithms learn and adapt to your movements over time, making your prosthetic hand smarter and more responsive.